These three phases are as follows:

First Phase (2008): Setting up the Structure

  1. Establishing Individuals Database of Arab Women Scientists and Technopreneurs.
  2. Establishing Entities Database of Arab and International programs related to gender issues in S&T.
  3. Establishing a website dedicated to S&T Women issues. This website will provide information on S&T women successes and offer information about events, and capacity building programs, and links.
  4. Developing and Publicizing a ‘Good Practices List’. This list compiles efforts on: Women support (Logistic/Financial), Capacity Building, dissemination of information and special prizes. This would lead to a better representation and visibility of S&T women.
  5. Organizing a biennale Conference on the state of Arab Women scientists and technopreneurs, their visibility and difficulties across the Arab world. This conference will bring together key players concerned with the subject including the under-representation of women on committees and panels.
  6. Establish an Award to pay tribute to distinguished Women Scientists or Entrepreneurs.

Second Phase (2009): Reinforce S&T Women

  1. Up-dating Databases; both the individuals and the institutions.
  2. Enriching the website and adding new services. This may include adding studies, resources for capacity building, Polls, and other online-resources.
  3. An electronic forum with women scientists to debate issues related to science and technology in the Arab world.
  4. Networking (with the aim to coordinate) with Arab and international existing programs and organizations on S&T women’s role in the social and economical development of their societies.
  5. Organizing a workshop to develop the projects identified by the Task-force teams during the first conference(to develop fundable projects).
  6. Seek finance to enhance women participation and fund projects developed by the Task-Force teams.

Third Phase (2010): Launching of Further Programs

  1. Continue developing both the Database and the Website
  2. Developing a Fellowship program towards women in science and technology and have they stay for periods between 6 to 12 months in public and private advanced institutions.
  3. Launching successfully funded project(s) that was developed by the Task-Force teams during the precedent year.
  4. Organizing the second biennale Conference on Arab Women Scientists and Technopreneurs. Conference makes an opportunity to present the outcomes of the developed/funded projects.